Why is YouTube so Hard to Crack?


Hey, everyone. I’ve just made my 10th YouTube video. I thought, this would be [chuckles] a good time to explore why it’s so fucking difficult being a YouTuber and actually, trying to create content on YouTube and trying to get people to discover what the hell you do.

Now, I’ve been doing this for six or seven weeks, now and some of the forums I’m speaking to people within, they say, I’m doing okay for a few months in and [chuckles] I shouldn’t complain until a year in, until I’ve got a full page of videos. At the same time, it’s very, very difficult to get traction on YouTube from zero subscribers. At the moment, I’ve got [chuckles] my subscriber number conveniently hidden but I can tell you, firsthand, I have 32 subscribers at the point of filming this.

Now, how can I get to the next level? How can I grow my channel to the next level? Now, I watch a lot of influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk. I watch a lot of the content on channels like my favorites, Video Creators, Roberto Blake. All these guys have got great, fantastic tips to grow a YouTube channel. These guys are guiding me. They’re giving me what I need to help me navigate YouTube and try and find a way to get out there a bit more.

Just to give you guys some of the methods I’m using to target my channel, at the moment, I am using a mixture of LinkedIn. I’ve got a massive LinkedIn following. That’s come in handy in a lot of ways because it means, I can promote my content to a good-sized audience already. Facebook, I have a page, but I don’t really do much with it. I need to start promoting that page and getting a lot more followers on it.

Twitter, I’ve got about 3,700 followers, not a huge amount. More than most, but not a huge amount of followers. Again, traction-wise, Twitter, probably, isn’t the best channel at the moment for me and [chuckles] you know my thoughts on Twitter if you’ve seen my previous videos, that I know what the future for that network holds, anyway. I digress. The point is, it’s very, very difficult to become a YouTuber and I’m finding out very quickly how hard it is.

I can [chuckles] hear you almost saying, “Darren, are you going to give up on this YouTube journey?” [chuckles] My answer is, “Hell, no. I’m not giving up. I’m having too much fun doing this.” I’ve done in the past, blogging and things like that. I’m actually not a great [chuckles] writer. For me, this fits with my character a lot more and it’s something I wish I thought about a very long time ago, because I love doing this.

I hope you guys love watching me and that’s why I’m not going to give up doing YouTube. I will keep growing and growing and try and get more subscribers in the future and hopefully, become known, to some degree, in the marketing industry.
A lot of the channels I look at in the marketing industry, are doing very well. I know there’s an audience out there. I know there are people out there who are looking for marketing help. It’s just a case of finding those people and reaching them. I think, I can do it. Wish me luck. I’ll see you next time.

Darren Taylor