YouTube channel Growth Ep 2 – How to get 60 subscribers


Hi everyone, Darren Taylor, here again with a very quick video for you all around YouTube Marketing. Now, this is Episode 2 of my YouTube channel growth series. If you saw my first video, you would have seen when I made, it I had 32 subscribers. That was it, and that was about two weeks ago. Today, as I’m making this video, I am now up to 67. Now, 67 subscribers doesn’t sound like much and in actual fact, it isn’t.

But what it does show me, is that in two weeks on YouTube pretty much I’ve doubled my subscriber account from 32 subscribers to 67. I have more than doubled my subscriber account in a short period of time which can only be a good thing. Marketers like me like numbers and doubling numbers is always good. But here is the problem. Obviously, as a digital marketing manager, I know digital platforms very well. I can grow accounts, I can get engagement. All those things, I think I can do quite well.

But for some reason, YouTube and whole social networks I have worked on previously from different companies is the most difficult one I’ve ever seen, channel growth is incredibly difficult. You might ask me what have I done to try and grow my channel? I know previously, my previous video, I mentioned I did things like sharing my content on LinkedIn. I got a larger network on LinkedIn, I have also got a Twitter following as well. I shared my content on Twitter too. But the problem is, those platforms can only get you so much.

The next step on YouTube to get any kind of attraction is to be found, simply to be found. Video SEO comes in which is what I have been really getting into and trying to push on my videos. But even when video SEO done right in a similar way, it’s a normal SEO. You could optimize your page really well. It could be technically sound by an actual fact without any links when it comes to main authority. If your competitors have that, you’re going to struggle. For me, is about getting my watch time up, try, and build it up slowly.

Of course, more importantly, put out more videos more regularly because the YouTube algorithms loves more videos. I hear you’re asking, “Where are you going to go next, Darren? Well, my next video in my YouTube channel growth series will be at 100 subscribers, which is a YouTube creator threshold benchmark. It’s a huge deal because I get my own URL when I hit 100 subscribers. Right now, my URL for YouTube is a bunch of gobbledygook  and if I get to 100, I’ll be able to customize my own URL.

People say this on the benefits too. YouTube might recommend you more, YouTube might take more seriously in terms of the algorithm. I don’t know if I had mixed opinions on those ideas and those facts. But hopefully, well, I will find out because I am going to get to 100 subscribers at least, I hope. Thank you for watching my YouTube real time channel growth episode number 2. If you liked this video, go ahead and like it, leave any comments you like below. I’ll be really interested to see your thoughts. Let me know any ideas I can put in place to help grow and get to that magical 100 subscribers. Most importantly, support the journey and subscribe. I will see you next time.

Darren Taylor