Why the best marketers are kings (and queens) of Excel

Transcript – Why the best marketers are kings (and queens) of Excel

Hey guys. Did you know the best digital marketers all have one thing in common? They can all use Microsoft Excel. Hey guys, Darren Taylor of thebigmarketer.co.uk here giving you tips, incite and opinion on all things marketing. If that’s up your street, you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today we’re looking at all the things the best marketers have in common and yes, you heard, they all use Excel to a very high level. Here are five reasons why Excel separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to digital marketers. The first reason is all, pretty much all digital marketing tools export to Excel.

Think about it, imagine MailChimp, for example, think about all the advertising platforms out there, think of CRM systems, any reporting tools like Google Analytics, every single one of them have that in common that they all export to Microsoft Excel. Being proficient in Excel means you’re going to be better at analyzing the data that comes out of all these bits of software, no matter what part of marketing you’re working whether it’s biddable, SEO, analytics, email it doesn’t matter because all of these tools export to Excel. The second reason the best marketers can use Excel is because Excel saves time. Now imagine using the native software to do all of your analysis within different tools.

Take Google Analytics, for example. Imagine having to wait for the page to load, waiting for the rows you need to get out the data you need and doing all of that over and over again just to get the analysis and the data that you need to do a day job. Now exporting to Excel means you have more time to analyze data, you can do it a lot quicker, you can see things a lot easier and it’s highly customizable as well. Again, the best marketers save their time because time is so important when it comes to analyzing your marketing campaigns and your data so saving time is going to be really really important to the best marketers out there.

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Become a king / queen of Excel and you’ll be a very valuable marketer

Leading on from my previous point, analysis is so, so important. Once you export your data from whatever tool it is you’re using into Excel, you can then analyze and customize the data as you see fit and one of the great ways to do this is with pivot table reporting. All you need to do is you can create a dashboard that pulls data from your pivot tables and then all you need to do is either automate the download of data or export the download of data from whatever platform you’re using into the new report and your dashboards will update every single day.

That is going to be really useful for you as a marketer because going back again, it saves time and in addition to that, it allows you to do more advanced reporting and see trends within a business a lot easier than using native platforms. It also means you can mix marketing tools together. If I’m reporting out of Bing ads for example and reporting against Google Adwords and any other ad exchanges as well, it means I can download the data from all these ad exchanges and see overall views within my dashboard if I export my data to Excel, chuck them in the pivot table and then create a dashboard off the back of that. That will really help me analyze my channels in a lot more of an effective way and again, it will save me time.

Another great reason to use Excel is for forecasting, what’s going to happen in the future. Now, all the great marketers know that predicting the future is impossible but with Excel, you can get closer to the truth than you think. For example, if I’m advertising on Google Adwords and I download my data and I’m spending a certain amount per day, say for example I’m spending £3000 a day. I can predict if I spent more money by the end of the month, what I’m going to get, looking at how many days are left in the month and looking at trends within the dates as well. Obviously, weekends are quieter, generally speaking.

I can build all those trends into my model and I can model that into Excel and produce a dashboard that can accurately predict what I should be getting by the end of the month. Now, again nothing is 100% or guaranteed in marketing but getting closer to the result or closer to predicting the truth and the outcomes is going to be really helpful, especially if you’re looking for more budget. Finally, my last reason why the best marketers use Excel, it’s because a lot of marketers don’t know how to use Excel. If you can put yourself against the competition and actually produce great reports in Excel, it’s going to set you apart from most people whether it’s employment, whether it’s other people in the jobs market, whether it’s other consulting agencies.

If you can produce fantastic reports in Excel and it looks great and you can actually see the analytics and the results you need, that’s going to really, really set you apart. It’s going to win you more consulting gigs, it’s going to win you promotions, it’s going to do wonders for your marketing career. Guys, don’t underestimate the boring spreadsheet world of marketing because it really, really can help you get more from marketing. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked this video, please leave me a like below. Let me know in the comments if you’re proficient with Excel and I’d love to hear from an Excel expert because I’m always looking to learn more from Excel so I’d love to connect with you if you are one of those experts and more important than that, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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