Is Twitter Dying a Slow Death?

Transcript – Is Twitter Dead?

In the last year, Twitter has actually remained stagnant. It fails to add any new accounts to its platform in a whole year. That is incredible. In addition to that, in America, Twitter actually took a step backwards, hemorrhaging a million users from its network. So, I’m asking the question today, “Is Twitter dying?” Let’s find out.


Hi, guys. My name is Darren Taylor, aka “The Big Marketer,” giving you tips, insight, and opinion on all things marketing. If that sounds something good to you, you should consider subscribing. Today, I’m going to explain why I think Twitter is dying a slow and painful death. As I explained in the intro, in the last year, Twitter has failed to add any new users to its platform. And, in addition to that, in the US, they actually took a step backwards, and lost a million users, which is insane.

So, in my opinion, let’s get started really early and put it straight out there. I think, Twitter is dying, which is a worry for me because Twitter is a network I absolutely love. I love the idea of it, the concept of it. It’s very different from the other social media networks, which is why it’s such a shame it seems to be dying a death. The social media arena seems to be growing as a whole, so it’s really hard to understand why Twitter is going the other way. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram have all seen exponential growth in this area, so Twitter going backwards should be a cause for concern for Jack Dorsey, the CEO.

Why is Twitter struggling so much? In my opinion, I think the biggest problem on Twitter is spam, and fake profiles. Any network I go to, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, whether it’s Snapchat, any network I use, I don’t see nearly as much spam as Twitter. Now, of course, those networks do have spam, but Twitter is on a different level. Some studies indicate that, actually, on Twitter, there’s anything between 8 and 15% spam profiles. That is a huge proportion of profiles that could be spam. That actually equates to a huge 48 million users who could be bots, and spam, and automated accounts, which is crazy.

is twitter dead

Is Twitter dead or dying? Maybe…

Quick personal story from me on this one. I actually audited my Twitter account using a number of tools to check spam following. I was pretty good. I got 90, 95% of followers are real, but I actually used another tool called ManageFlitter where I was able to identify my spam followers, and see who was followed me who were spam. I went ahead and I blocked all of them. Now, it might have been an ego shot for me, because my followers declined massively but overall, they weren’t real followers, anyways. Although the number might boost your ego, in terms of followers on Twitter, in actual fact, if you do a spam audit, it will go massively down. I can guarantee you, you also have spam, as well.

By the way, links are in the description for my two favorite Twitter anti-spam tools, shall we say. They are called ManageFlitter, and also Twitter Audit, at No affiliate links or anything like that. They’re just my two favorite tools I use to audit Twitter accounts for myself and people I work with as well. You’ve heard my story and I know you have all got very similar stories in your Twitter following. I’m sure you know many of them are probably fake followers.

So, what do you do? Once you’ve audited your accounts, what more could you do in the future? There’s always going to be new followers added to your account on a general daily basis, or weekly basis, or monthly basis, who are probably going to be fake as well. There’s only so much you, as a user, can do. This is why I think Twitter are failing because they are not, under any circumstances, filling the void of being the spam police on their own network. They’re not doing a thing about it.

Why aren’t Twitter doing anything about spam? Now, put this in perspective. The 48 million potential spam accounts on Twitter– Imagine Twitter decided to take action and delete any account they suspected was spam, or tested sending an email to potential spam account owners, to get some feedback, to see if there’s any way they can identify, genuinely, if the account is spam. Twitter, going backwards one million in the last year, would be nothing compared to if they took a proactive approach to tackling their spam problem, because they would go back by 40, 50 million users. That could pretty much be game over for Twitter.

If you asked me if Twitter would be around in the next 5 to 10 years, I wouldn’t bet on it. I genuinely wouldn’t bet on it. Think about five years ago, in the social media space. Snapchat didn’t even exist. Think about that. The speed this industry, and the technology moves, is so incredible, that you couldn’t even hedge your bets on Twitter still being here, despite most celebrities using it to engage. The President of the United States’ main outlet is Twitter. It should have a place in our society. It’s great for documenting what’s going on. There are so many great uses for Twitter, and it’s so different from other networks. It’s just a shame that it’s dying because of the quality of the network.

Of course, with a lower quality network, means people like myself, who advertise on social media, will have less trust and worse results from Twitter than we would, say for example, advertising on Facebook. Not to mention, Facebook has better data than Twitter, anyway. I mean, look at the data you can get from somebody’s Facebook profile, compared to their Twitter account. There’s no contest. Twitter have a massive gap to jump, anyway, to even catch up, to even get near Facebook’s advertising platform.

In terms of advertisers coming on board to Twitter, it’s going to be very difficult to have confidence in a network that’s got so much spam accounts. You can’t really trust it. What’s in store for Twitter in the next year? I think, they’re in for more doom and gloom. They’re going to lose more accounts, and I think they’ve gone backwards in a lot of ways, they’ve lost a lot of ground in the battle against spam. I don’t think they’re going to win that battle, because you can’t win any battle that you don’t really want to take.

Twitter, if you are listening, Jack Dorsey, please go ahead and start targeting spam, because that is the biggest problem on Twitter. I think, if you could fix that problem, then Twitter will, again, be one of the great social networks. Just to quote the President of the United States, “Let’s make Twitter great again.”
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