Stop looking at other people’s steak! #rant

I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve probably been to dinner with a significant other or friends or family at some point in your life. Now, I like steak. Let me use steak as an example here, have you ever to a restaurant and get yourself some steaks and when the steaks are coming to the table the waiter walks all the way over, brings them over and puts them on your table. How many times have you been tempted to look at your neighbor’s steak and compare sizes?

I know I have because I love my food but that’s beside the point, the reason I’m saying this is because very recently it’s really kind of dawned on me and I’ve kind of learned a lesson not to look at the steak on other people’s plates. You might say that sounds quite simple, but in actual fact in 2017, 2018 any future years it’s very difficult because of social media, the way people represent themselves, the amount of success here people have and it’s very easy even if you’re extremely successful to still look at the steak on the other person’s plate.

You should never do this because if you do this if you’ve got a bigger steak than them and then someone else got a bigger steak than you, you’re still going to look at the other person’s steak. If you spend your life looking at the steak on someone else’s plate and not the juicy delicious steak on your plate, then you’re always going to be unhappy and in your own mind unsuccessful even though you might be extremely successful.

I say that as though it’s quite an easy thing but for me it’s quite a recent discovery in my head and I had to work around it and think to myself, “Actually success is on my plate I would look at my plate and what’s on there and I would deliver success based on that.” If you find yourself looking at your neighbor’s plates and comparing the size of each other steaks and look back at your plate and appreciate what’s on your plate, go to the salad bar and add to your plate grab yourself some chips and sauce and make sure your plate is amazing and enjoy what’s on your plate don’t look at what’s going on over there you can look by all means. But don’t take notice of it just focus on your plate and stop looking at your neighbor’s steak.

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