The BS “Long Form” LinkedIn Posts Getting CRAZY Engagement

Transcript – The BS “Long Form” LinkedIn Posts Getting CRAZY Engagement

There once was a young man named Bob, who for the life of him, couldn’t find the job. He went to LinkedIn, put a long status in, but likes don’t put food in his gob. I know that’s a stupid poem, but have you noticed recently. So many people on LinkedIn are posting long, long statuses with one or two words per line with massive spacing in between about absolute bullshit. They may post absolute bullshit, but I’ll tell you what that bullshit gets absolutely amazing engagement.

I’m a digital marketer so I know about engagement and it’s something I aspire to get which is lots of engagement on any posts I create or anything I do because engagement is a measure of how well people receive your content. As a digital marketer, I’ve got to look at this and I think, “Well, I know what he is saying is absolute crap but why is it getting so much engagement?” There’s no value being added here. Why is there so much engagement?

Before I continue, let’s take a little look at some examples of these kinds of posts because I think it’ll be interesting to take a look real timing. Get an idea of what I’m talking about. As you can see, these are going by now and you can see the format. They’re quite long-winded. They’re spaced out. They’re about a sob story turning around into some kind of opportunity, and there are bigger culprits than others on LinkedIn that do post these kinds of statuses.

linkedin fake stories

LinkedIn fake stories are going viral – why?

For me, for the life of me, I genuinely cannot work out why they are so effective and successful at getting engagement. LinkedIn being a social media network for people in work and aspiring in their career, you can understand if it was business advice or some kind of magnet of information industry specific. I’m into marketing. If there’s a good bit of marketing information out there, I will be the first to give it alike.

For me, if you’re adding value with these kinds of stories and to be fair, some of them do add value from a marketing or from a business point of view, but quite often, when I see these statuses, they add little to no value, whatsoever. Now, there is one guy that you’ll know if you’re on LinkedIn all the time that you will see on your feed no matter if you’re connected to him, following him or not. His name is Oleg and he will post these kinds of stories on a daily basis.

Now, fair play to you Oleg. Your LinkedIn following is amazing. I could only hope to dream of getting the LinkedIn engagement and following that you get from these kinds of statuses and that is really really good for you from a business point of view. I think, ultimately, Oleg you are the king of LinkedIn but why? Now, in most of my videos, I give away advice and I kind of explain why things are happening and how things are done but on this occasion, I’m at a loss. I don’t know why this works so well.

Guys, what I want you to do is share with me in the comments why you think these kinds of statuses work so well. Is it because they’re inspirational and they give you a good start to the day. What is it that makes you feel these statuses work really well? Now, as a marketer, of course, if you see something working really well, you feel really really tempted to do it but to be very honest with you, I’m not going to do it. I find it really hard to write statuses that don’t add any value to the user or any insight, any insightful opinion.

Kind of a nothing in our last story about a guy trying to find a job. He couldn’t find a job. I took him in. Now, he’s the CEO. That kind of story, I think it’s rubbish to be fair. I don’t think those stories add any value. There’s not enough specifics in those stories. There’s not enough background to the person applying. There’s nothing to them really. They’re just kind of a bit of a loving but that’s my opinion.

I’m entitled to it as much as other people are entitled to it against me as well which is fair enough, but just tell me what you think. Why do these statuses work so well? Let me know below. I’ll be really interested to see. Thank you guys for watching. If you liked this video, like it. Check out the other amazing videos on my channel. More importantly, don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you guys next time.

Darren Taylor