My Name is Darren Taylor and I love SEO and PPC!

Hi There,

My name is Darren Taylor and I am The Big Marketer.

My mission is to teach you SEO and PPC and share the strategies I use that have generated millions of pounds of revenue. Not the fluffy, “cheerleader” stuff that a lot of people tend to speak about. I bring you real, tangible and usable lessons to grow your digital marketing knowledge, with tips you can implement today if you wanted to.

I have been working in digital marketing for over 7 years in various senior roles across a wide spectrum of businesses, mostly in search engine marketing roles (PPC and SEO). This has been in a wide range of businesses from national and international big budget campaigns all the way through to tiny small businesses with monthly budgets that required miracles to be performed.

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In addition to this, I often give talks at the University of Greenwich, The IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing) and Hult International Business School, which is really handy because it gives me a chance to deliver face to face training as opposed to the online training I am used to providing.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my content. If you have any questions, want me to cover a specific subject, would like me to consult for your business or you just want to say hi, then get in touch. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Darren “The Big Marketer” Taylor

*All opinions are my own