The biggest marketing challenge for small businesses & entrepreneurs


Hi, guys, Darren Taylor, The Big Marketer here again, with another video outside in the lovely sun. I was speaking to a number of small businesses, small business owners, entrepreneurs over the weekend and for the last week, and I asked them what is your biggest marketing challenge?

Now, with this question, as a marketet, you might think it might be along the lines of a channel, SEO, PPC, social media, e-mail, you never know, it could be a number of different channels potentially. But I was surprised by most of the answers.

Most of the answers were not related to channels. You’re probably thinking, “What on Earth were they asking? What was the biggest marketing challenge? Well, the biggest challenge most businesses I spoke to said was they didn’t have the confidence to make marketing decisions.

When you think about it, confidence being the biggest issue probably makes a lot of sense because, even though, you know, there’s marketing channels like SEO, PPC and social media and all these channels, the confidence to deliver objectives and deliver against KPO’s in each of those channels for a small business owner or an entrepreneur is nearly impossible when you’ve got no understanding of it.

I wouldn’t know how to build a rocket because I don’t have any understanding of any rocket science. The same thing can be said about business owners and entrepreneurs, they might be fantastic at the day job of what they do day to day, but in terms of delivering a compelling integrated digital marketing campaign they haven’t got the experience needed to do so, which is great for me because it brings back the reason I started this channel, which is to inspire and to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers achieve their marketing goals and help them understand and get the confidence to ask the right questions.

You’ll probably see, in a lot of my videos I’ve done things around how to hire an SEO, how to hire a social media marketer, the questions you need to ask. For example, if you go in to fix your car, you might have a little bit of automotive knowledge, so you can kind of have a conversation with the mechanic around what needs fixing on your car and have an understanding of it. The same applies for digital marketing, if you have a bit of an understanding, you can have a more informed conversation, make better decisions and hire better people, better agencies, to make decisions for your business.

In reality, it’s a massive step back from the granular areas of digital marketing, and the way that small businesses approach their marketing is all around confidence. The more confident a business owner or an entrepreneur is in their marketing strategy and their marketing knowledge, the better they are to hire the best people. Now a lot of small businesses do the marketing themselves directly, which is great, and is something that I can help with in that respect.

However big a business, is medium size businesses, they don’t do the marketing directly themselves quite often and they need to hire an agency or even hire someone in-house to do it for them, and that’s why I created so many videos around doing exactly that.

Do you remember that old marketing saying where it says, “Half my money on advertising works, half of it doesn’t work, the problem is I don’t know which half.” Now, that question is, obviously, pretty much debunked in some of the digital marketing at least, anyway.

But the biggest concern of that question isn’t necessarily the fact that he doesn’t what’s working and what’s not working, he’s not confident in the ability to determine that. And is that confidence piece of understanding and getting the information you need to make the right decisions that digital marketing and, I guess, business owners want to do digital marketing don’t really understand and grasp a lot of the time.

Naturally, of course, the more confident you get with marketing, the more likely you are to avoid pitfalls and use car salesman of marketing, sorry, a used car salesman of marketing, the dodgy dealers, who are out there. I see them everyday on Facebook and Linkedin, all the time, and they’re making huge promises around things they have no understanding around. By having confidence you can avoid those kind of people, you can ask them a couple of questions, and within two or three minutes of speaking to them you will realize these guys are not legit, they are not going to help me achieve my goals in my business, and you will quickly discard them.

Whereas, if you speak to a seasoned professional marketer and you have the conversations around KPI’s, around goal setting, around discussing your business itself, then from that point on, you’ll be able to say, “Okay, this person is the right person for my business and I can move forward with them,” and it helps you avoid any problems in the future.

Guys, it was a really quick video but, thank you so much for watching. If you like this video. go ahead and like it. Leave any comments you like below. What is your biggest marketing challenge in terms of your confidence? What do you need to see more of or what do you need to do more of? And, more importantly, don’t forget to subscribe. I will say you next time.