I’m a digital marketing trainer, speaker and practitioner

Hi There,

My name is Darren Taylor and I am The Big Marketer. Over the years I have worked with dozens of small businesses through agencies and direct employment as a digital marketing manager. I have long thought that the small business community is largely under-represented when it comes to online marketing tips and knowledge sharing.

There are a number of resources to support the digital marketing efforts of businesses as a whole, but very few

approach the unique challenges faced by small and micro businesses in terms of budget, resources, and most importantly, confidence. The confidence to ask the right questions and invest your marketing budget wisely is something I see small businesses struggle with regularly.

It’s all well and good when a consultant or marketer says they have worked with global FTSE100 companies (which I have), but that is a long way from formulating a marketing strategy for UK small businesses. I created this blog to do just that.

I love marketing, but more importantly I love small businesses! As the driving force of the British economy, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with the small business community. I hope that you find it useful and as always, if you have any question, please get in touch.

All the Best,

Darren Taylor

*All opinions are my own and are not shared by my employer.