5 Signs You’re “S**t Hot” At What You Do.


Whether you’re in marketing, sales, recruitment. Whether you’re the CEO, how do you know if you’re shit hot at doing what you do? No matter what you’re in, whatever business you’re in, how do you know how good you are? Well, I’m going to show you five things that show you if you’re definitely shit hot at what you do. So, stay tuned because that’s coming up.


In my humble opinion, there are five signs that you’re shit hot at what you do. We’re going to get right into it starting with number one. Do people ask you for help in whatever industry you’re in because you’re an expert? Well, that’s the first sign of being great at what you do. If people are coming to you for help and advice on what they want to do because they want to follow in your footsteps or think you’re best placed to answer their question, then it means you’re definitely doing something right.

Does your LinkedIn inbox get filled up with messages from people asking you for help? Does your email inbox get filled up as well? Do people ask you questions openly at events or networking opportunities? Then that’s how you know, you know your shit.

The second sign that you know what the hell you’re talking about is that you can talk about it all day long, unscripted, unreserved, unplanned. You can get in front of the stage, you can talk in conversations at networking events. You can give advice in front of anybody and you can continuously talk about what you do because you know it. You just know exactly what it is you do.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, no matter what you do, if you know it back to front, you have no qualms or any problems at all speaking to a number of people about it and talking non-stop. The passion shows when you do that. If you talk about what you love to do, instantly, people will recognize you don’t just know what you’re talking about, that you love what you do as well. That shows through every single time.

The third sign that you know what the hell you’re talking about and know your shit back to front is that you lose track of time completely when you’re working on it. That shows that if you love something and you’re dedicated to its study and getting better that much that you lose track of time, that shows you must be getting or very good at what you’re doing. I know when I’m studying and I’m working on things marketing-wise, my wife will come out to me and say, “Darren, do you know what time it is?” and I say, “No”.

I don’t realize what the time is because I love what I do. I didn’t realize it was midnight and I started staying down at my computer at 1:00 in the afternoon. That goes to show, if you study your craft and you really are focused on becoming better at what you do, you lose complete track of time because you’re in such flow and in such motion that you love what you do and it doesn’t matter what the time is. You’re that dedicated to studying your art.

The fourth sign that you are shit hot at what you do is that you can see constant progression within yourself. Be that your educational certificates, be that your personal development and where you were a year ago, and more importantly, your bank balance. If you are hitting bottom line figures and increasing that month for month, year on year, whatever it might be, over the course of your career, then that tells you you’re definitely good at what you do.

If you’re picking up qualifications and certifications for fun because that’s how dedicated you are, you’re just picking up these qualifications online courses, in-person courses, bespoke training, conferences. All of this surmounts into an area where you know you’re good at what you do because you’re investing in your development. You can see from where you’ve started or all the way till now, you’ve developed a hell of a lot and you’ve got a lot more qualifications under your belt and a bigger bank balance too to boot.

Finally, the fifth and final sign that you know your shit and know what the hell you’re talking about in your business, is that you can teach other people to do what you do best. Teaching is one of the main areas where you can see people have really taken on knowledge. Because, first of all, it’s good enough to learn and understand something, that’s the first big step. If you’re able to learn, understand and comprehend and also break that subject down in front of somebody in order to teach them and empower their knowledge, that is an ultimate sign that you have conquered and mastered your shit.

You know exactly how to do it, how to do it the best and you can also empower people and teach them as well exactly how to do it too. Personally, for me, this is one of the biggest ones, the biggest points in terms of knowing you’re good at something in your industry. If you’re able to teach somebody, even if you’re speaking on stage, that’s a huge thing as well. If you can do that, then that shows ultimately that you are at the top of your game, you know what you’re talking about and you can get the results you want in your industry. People will ultimately come to you for help.

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